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JuraLaw Reduces Risk Associated with Talent Migration

Like many industries, the legal profession has felt the impact of the post pandemic talent migration. With seasoned employees leaving the firm and new employees coming in, law firms are striving to ensure that critical court deadlines and dates are not missed during the transition, and the firm is not at risk for the associated potential legal malpractice claims.

One of the most laborious tasks for docketing professionals with other legal calendar management systems, is adding new attorneys/staff and removing departed attorneys/staff from existing cases. This can take hours and the chance for human error is immense. A single case can have a multitude of diary events assigned to lawyers and staff, but if the event notices and reminders are not reaching the right person, then the entire law firm is at risk. Productivity and risk management are significantly increased with JuraLaw.

JuraLaw’s Global Update feature makes adding new attorneys/staff (Global Assign) and removing departed attorneys/staff (Global Unassign) from existing cases a quick, easy and accurate process. The assignments result in critical diary event information being populated in the new attorneys/staffs’ Outlook calendars. What typically takes hours to accomplish with other legal calendar management systems, takes minutes with JuraLaw. This is one example of JuraLaw’s advanced technology and it’s ability to enhance workflow productivity while reducing the risk of legal malpractice claims.

Isn’t It Time You Experience the JuraLaw Difference?


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