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Frequently Asked Questions About JuraLaw

Has JuraLaw been in business very long?

Yes. JuraLaw is a division of Law Bulletin Media, a family-owned 5th generation company founded in 1854. Law Bulletin Media began providing legal calendaring software and services in 1984, when it introduced DM2000, the first calendaring software on the market. In 2012, DM2000 was replaced with JuraLaw, the FIRST completely web-based calendar management system.

Is JuraLaw a national product?

Yes. JuraLaw provides Calendar Rules from jurisdictions across the United States, including federal, state, appellate, judges, bankruptcy courts and agencies. Rules are available for all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Currently, there are JuraLaw subscribers from New York to California and in Hawaii.

Does JuraLaw provide Illinois and New York court data?

Yes. Due to Law Bulletin Media’s long-term relationship with Illinois courts, JuraLaw provides more Illinois court data than any other legal calendar management system. Court data covers the U.S. District Court and U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division; Cook, Champaign, DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Kane, Madison, Will and Winnebago County Circuit Courts, Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission and Illinois Appellate Court, 1st District, Divisions 1-6.

In addition, New York court data is available for all sixty-two New York county and state courts as well as court calendars for all USDC and USBC cases in New York.

Does JuraLaw work for mid and large size law firms?
Yes. JuraLaw works best for law firms with 10 or more attorneys. Currently, law firms with as few as 5 to those with 100s of attorneys subscribe to JuraLaw. Whether you prefer a centralized or decentralized calendaring system, JuraLaw can meet your needs.

Is there a benefit to JuraLaw being 100% web-based?
Yes. Being web-based means users can access the system wherever they have an internet connection. Consequently, users can easily access JuraLaw at their office location or anywhere else remotely.

Is JuraLaw’s cloud host, Amazon Web Services (AWS), secure?
Yes. According to Gartner, AWS is the most respected cloud in the industry. Recognized certifications and audits include ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC1, SOC2 and more. Businesses using AWS include Capital One, General Electric, NASDAQ and many others.

Does JuraLaw have a disaster recovery plan?
Yes. In the extremely unlikely event that a catastrophe impacts a JuraLaw host location, AWS’s disaster recovery capabilities enable JuraLaw to be restored to normal operations in another U.S. location within 2-3 hours with no loss of data.

Does JuraLaw integrate with other products?
Yes. JuraLaw integrates with Outlook (Microsoft Exchange, Office 365), NetDocuments, PACER ECF and Calendar Rules.

Is it difficult to implement JuraLaw?
No. If you need to migrate your data from another system, JuraLaw has created automated migration tools that succinctly and accurately load migration data. While calendaring system formats differ, JuraLaw provides a multitude of information fields so all critical information can be transferred without the need for data truncation. This proprietary migration system saves time and money for new customers. If you do not need to migrate from another system, implementation only takes a couple days.

Does JuraLaw have a mobile app?
Yes. The JuraLaw subscription includes the JuraLawyer mobile app. JuraLawyer provides attorneys with an uncluttered view of their individual upcoming court deadlines and dates on their mobile devices. They can view their individual case information, upcoming court events and dates as well as directly notify the calendaring department of court outcomes.

Does JuraLaw offer a variety of reports?
Yes. JuraLaw provides over 150 business analytics reports including multiple daily, weekly and monthly calendar selections. Reports can be broken out by practice groups, individual attorneys, office locations and more. In addition, reports can be scheduled for automatic email delivery when needed.

Does JuraLaw provide customer support assistance?
Yes. Led by a former law firm docketing professional, the JuraLaw Customer Support Team is rated second to none by customers. In addition to providing initial and ongoing JuraLaw training at no additional cost, they also promptly answer user questions and proactively reach out to users if they see input issues that may increase the risk of missing a court date or deadline.

Is JuraLaw expensive?
No. JuraLaw’s value pricing is dependent on how many attorneys benefit from the system and how many cases are tracked in the system. As a result, JuraLaw is economical for firms of all sizes. Account Executives work with you to ensure your costs are predictable. They offer both single-year and multi-year contracts. If you would like to discuss your needs with an experienced Account Executive, please call 312.644.4202.

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