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Why JuraLaw Chose Prestigious Amazon Web Services

In 2015, JuraLaw partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the first 100% cloud and web-based legal calendaring system in the industry. AWS is at the top of the cloud provider list for reasons that were critical to JuraLaw’s success in the beginning as well as today. These include:


  • AWS’s superior level of security protection is why they have earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of companies. The list of industry recognized certifications and audits, including ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC1 and SOC2, is impressive and makes companies realize it’s the safest place to house confidential data. That’s why so many government agencies, health care providers and financial institutions rely on AWS and so do we.. Bottom line…AWS is much safer than on-premise servers for confidential data.


  • AWS is reported to have the highest availability and reliability of all hosting providers. AWS’s service commitment promises a monthly uptime of at least 99.95% which has been our experience. Being 100% web and cloud based, there is no downtime due to database or hardware installation and all of our customers are always working with the most recent version of JuraLaw.


  • JuraLaw is designed to “scale horizontally” as system demand increases, so that you never experience a steady decline in performance. “Scaling horizontally” happens in the background, while JuraLaw is operating, so our clients are never subjected to outages to adjust for increasing demand.


  • JuraLaw provides the highest level of resiliency. All real-time operations performed by the JuraLaw system are load balanced across two physical locations in the contiguous U.S. Similarly, data is synchronously replicated to a secondary database housed in a separate physical location. This means if anything happens to one location, its operations are automatically handled by the other location. In other words, no JuraLaw user would experience any service interruption or loss of data, even in the event of a catastrophic failure of one of these two physical locations.

As the cloud computing market continue to grow, AWS remains the lone of the leader in providing infrastructure-as-a-service. JuraLaw's commitment to being the legal calendaring technology leader mirrors the dedication and devotion AWS exhibits and makes them an ideal JuraLaw cloud computing partner now and into the future.

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