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JuraLaw Answers Questions Law Firms Should Be Asking

JuraLaw was the first 100% cloud and web-based legal calendar management system and was introduced in March 2012. JuraLaw’s predecessor, DM 2000, was the first legal calendar management system on the market starting in 1984. Completely web-based technology means there is no hardware installation and no downtime due to product updates. As long as a firm has access to a browser, the firm can always have access to the most current version of JuraLaw. 

Joe Kelly, founder and CEO of Legal Workplace, has posed a list of questions law firms should ask providers when vetting new technology and determining the best products for their firms. We thought we would address Mr. Kelly’s important questions and concerns relative to JuraLaw.

Where Do You Host Data?

Kelly’s concern: While information may be in the cloud, the servers that host the data are on the ground. This subjects your data to the laws and regulations of the country where the servers physically reside.

JuraLaw is cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market leader in cloud hosting. AWS is reported to have the highest reliability and availability of all JuraLaw host locations are in the U.S.

Do You Have Legal-Specific Experience?

Kelly’s concern: Many providers lack the knowledge of day-to-day law firm operations and priorities as well as how to work with legal specific solutions.

JuraLaw is owned and operated by Law Bulletin Media, a family run business that’s been providing the legal industry with innovative products and services since 1854. Today, the original owner’s great grandsons lead the business with a focus on emerging technologies and their application in creating innovative solution-based tools for the legal profession.

Do You Offer Single or Multi-Year Agreements?

Kelly’s concern: Oftentimes vendors will lure you in with the promise of low rates and quality service. Then, when it’s time to sign on the dotted line, you find that you are locked into a five-year deal.

JuraLaw offers single year and multi-year agreements. The choice is up to you and costs are driven by the number of attorneys and anticipated number of cases your law firm will be inputting into JuraLaw per year. Agreements are always developed with the changing needs of your law firm in mind.

Are You HIPPA Compliant?

Kelly’s concern: While HIPPA compliance is typically associated with the healthcare industry, its level of protection works well across all industries. By ensuring your cloud provider is HIPPA compliant you can feel secure that data is protected regardless of attorneys’ current or future practice areas.

JuraLaw is cloud hosted by AWS which is HIPPA compliant.

What Security Measures Do You Offer?

Kelly’s concern: Data security is usually a major concern when moving servers outside the firms’ walls. Your vendor should be able to offer multiple standard and accelerated levels of security.

JuraLaw is contained within a virtual private cloud at AWS. For disaster recovery purposes, JuraLaw can be quickly restored at alternative locations if necessary. Law Bulletin Media regularly subjects JuraLaw HTML code to an independent 3rd party security review and the application and environment are subject to intrusion testing by a 3rd party on a regular basis as well.

Is Your Support Based in the United States?

Kelly’s concern: Having a provider with customer support close to your time zone is important when you have time-sensitive requests or emergencies that may need to be addressed quickly.

Located in Chicago, IL, JuraLaw is completely customer centric and person-to-person support is easily accessible via telephone or email. The JuraLaw customer support team has unparalleled in-depth product knowledge and legal calendar management experience that makes them extremely reliable and dependable to all US time zones.

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