Technology Part 2: The Web-Based Trend

Today, Millennials out-number the once dominant Baby Boomer generation. They are the primary demographic group being hired by law firms to fill docketing roles and serve on internal technology committees. Millennials have been brought up with technology playing a significant role through every step of their development and, they expect employers to incorporate it into the workplace. From their perspective, they view technology as the primary catalyst for them to personally enhance productivity, accuracy and creativity. Web-based technology for Millenials has surpassed the trend phase and is now an integrated part of their mind set relative to product acceptance. Millennials who are new assoc

Technology Part 1: The Cloud Computing Trend

Welcome to the JuraLaw blog! As a leader in the business of legal calendar management, this platform allows us to provide our insights and perspective relative to changes, trends, processes and innovations in the docket industry. Our first post initiates a three-part series on technology and how the legal profession has shifted direction in its acceptance and implementation into today’s law firms. At JuraLaw, we’ve been a part of this transformation and it started with our creation and deployment of the first completely web-based legal calendaring system. In Geoffrey Moore’s famous treatise, “Crossing the Chasm,” he set forth the four types of technology adopters: 1) Innovators, 2) Early Ado

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