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Technology Part 2: The Web-Based Trend

Today, Millennials out-number the once dominant Baby Boomer generation. They are the primary demographic group being hired by law firms to fill docketing roles and serve on internal technology committees. Millennials have been brought up with technology playing a significant role through every step of their development and, they expect employers to incorporate it into the workplace. From their perspective, they view technology as the primary catalyst for them to personally enhance productivity, accuracy and creativity. Web-based technology for Millenials has surpassed the trend phase and is now an integrated part of their mind set relative to product acceptance.

Millennials who are new associates and new docket professionals expect legal calendar management systems, to be completely web-based applications and their acceptance of JuraLaw, the first web-based system was rapid for the following reasons:

  • Web-based systems are usually more user friendly and customer feedback can result in new features and functionality much quicker and without IT assisted upgrades. Knowing this, Millennials want to collaborate with JuraLaw to create their own customized versions of reports, templates and more.

  • They expect us provide system access anytime and anywhere – from multiple offices, a client’s site, a hotel and from home.

  • Millennials expect secure and quick set up. JuraLaw accomplishes this by supplying them with a URL, user name and secure password. The last couple of new law firms that JuraLaw has set-up have asked us to provide user names and passwords to all docketing staff and attorneys in the firm. This expanded adoption model recognizes that technology and automation are not about phasing out traditional docketing jobs but more about encouraging collaboration and reallocating the time of valuable human resources to the analytical, creative and strategic tasks associated with data and being part of a successful firm.

  • As everyone is accessing the same website via the same URL, they will all be seeing the most up to date version.

JuraLaw continues to investigate and explore the world of web-based technology and will remain at the forefront of developing technology driven products and services that mitigate malpractice risk and enhance law firm productivity.

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