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The “Value” of JuraLaw

Typically, value is defined as the perceived worth of a product or service in the mind of the user. With JuraLaw, user value is determined in time savings and malpractice risk reduction, both having the potential for a significant financial impact on a law firm. Following are a few situations your firm may be experiencing if you’re not using JuraLaw.

Problem: Microsoft Outlook Alone

Microsoft Outlook is used by many law firms. However, when it’s not integrated with a legal calendar management system, individually scheduling numerous events on multiple staff calendars, as well as delivering several timely reminders, can take an extraordinary amount of time. In addition, human error presents a serious malpractice risk. These calendar errors are the leading cause of legal malpractice suits.

JuraLaw Resolution:

The JuraLaw legal calendar management system can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook so events, including court and deadline date changes, are automatically scheduled on Outlook calendars across the firms’ attorneys and staff. This results in considerable time savings as well as a reduction in the risk of human error.

Problem: Calendar Date Calculation

Calculating court and deadline dates, without a legal calendar management system, means the docket person must manually count days on a calendar then assign the critical dates to an attorney’s calendar. Incorrect calculations, due to miscounting or unknown court holidays, can put the attorney as well as the law firm at a significant malpractice risk.

JuraLaw Resolution

JuraLaw automatically identifies court deadlines and dates based on court rules, NY and IL court data. Court holidays are predetermined by jurisdiction and are reflected in date calculations. In addition, when court rules change, the JuraLaw rules system notifies the user of the rule change, recalculates the impacted dates and allows the user to accept or reject the change notification.

Problem: Report Generation

It is important to keep track of a firm’s overall court calendar, the number of open matters/cases (per office, per attorney) and more in order to operate profitably. Each time such a report is needed, it can take a significant amount of time to gather, sort and compile the information.

JuraLaw Resolution

JuraLaw offers over 150 different reports that can be scheduled to run at a particular time or generated immediately. These reports were developed with input from docket professionals about what information attorneys and administrators regularly requested and how they liked it organized. Retrieving this information from JuraLaw, means such requests can be fulfilled much more quickly and efficiently.

Isn’t it time your law firm experience the value of JuraLaw? To learn about JuraLaw and see a demo, call 312.644.4305.

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