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Automated Data Migration Saves Time and Money for New Clients

Traditionally, data migration takes an extensive amount of time as ALL the data from a previous legal calendaring system needs to be transferred and accounted for on the new system. As one system is not exactly like another sometimes this task can be monumental.

In a dedicated effort to effectively and efficiently enhance the migration process, JuraLaw created automated migration tools that succinctly load migration data. While calendaring system formats differ, JuraLaw provides a multitude of large information fields that reduce the need for data truncation.

Every JuraLaw migration is led by a professional project manager who collaboratively works with our client to ensure that the information transferred is precisely captured. The data is loaded into a staging application which is then reviewed with our client. Throughout the process, the project manager schedules project update meetings as desired by our client. In addition, the project manager acts as a docketing best practice consultant to ensure that data fields are well organized and utilized by the docketing staff.

The automated migration process is a great value to new clients. The new format significantly reduces the possibility of human error which is an innate issue with traditional migrations. In addition, upon receipt of client data, the JuraLaw staging and production process time has been reduced by 75% which has led to compelling client cost savings of up to 85%. Consequently, the dread and angst of data migration, that many new clients fear, doesn't apply when the legal calendaring system is JuraLaw.

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