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JuraLaw’s Date Calculator Includes Court Holidays Across the Nation

One of the critical factors in legal calendaring is knowing when courts are closed based on designated court holidays by jurisdiction. JuraLaw's date calculator includes court holidays across the nation covering over 4100 jurisdictions. When calculating a date for a diary event, the holidays for that jurisdiction can be considered by checking the box to count (include) "court holidays" or not checking the box to count (exclude) "court holidays". When you're using the date calculator, holidays are always identified and denoted in red. Hovering over the red holiday box will reveal the name of the court holiday.

Courts often have different names for the same court holiday. The day after Thanksgiving is considered a holiday in many jurisdictions. However, it has many different names, depending what jurisdiction you’re in. The various court holiday names for the day after Thanksgiving include:

- Robert E Lee’s Birthday

- Lincoln’s Birthday

- Family Day

- Ho-Chunk Day

- Indian Day

- American Indian Heritage Day

- Native American Day

- Day After Thanksgiving

In 2020, April 10 has a number of different court holiday names as well:

- Good Friday

- Court Holiday

- Spring Holiday

Following are some court holiday fun facts you might find interesting.

  • In the Wisconsin Forest County Potawatomi Tribal Court jurisdiction, courts are closed every Friday of the year. This is the only place in the country that exercises this weekly court closure.

  • Courts are closed for Arbor Day in 96 Nebraska jurisdictions. This is the only state where the courts recognize the holiday that encourages people to plant trees.

  • While courts around the country recognize Memorial Day, only South Carolina and Missouri recognize Confederate Memorial Day.

  • Harry Truman is the most recent president to have a court holiday named after him. Truman Day is in early May and is only observed in Missouri jurisdictions.

  • Native American Day is a court holiday in the Wisconsin Lac du Flambeau Tribal Court and Wisconsin Menominee Tribal Court jurisdictions. However, the courts’ recognition of these holidays are six months apart.

  • 79 jurisdictions in the state of Louisiana close their courts for Mardi Gras and two are also closed the day after Mardi Gras. This is the only state that closes courts for Mardi Gras, which is French for Fat Tuesday.

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