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Customer Success Team 

Most Reliable Customer Success Team

A Team That Understands the Daily Tasks of Legal Calendar Management Professionals

The JuraLaw Customer Success Team has unparalleled product knowledge and in-depth problem-solving capabilities. They are committed to enhancing the JuraLaw user experience and ensuring that customers achieve their calendaring goals through the effective use of JuraLaw’s leading technology.

Unlimited Training, Timely Follow-Up and Continuous System Monitoring

The JuraLaw Customer Success Team:

  • Provides initial and ongoing training at no additional cost.

  • Addresses process, procedure and system questions promptly.

  • Alerts customers of new features and functions and personally walks them through how to use new assets to their benefit.

  • Contacts customers when an attorney hasn’t been assigned to a case to ensure critical dates are not missed.

  • Tracks law firms’ and corporations’ JuraLaw users and blocks those who have departed to ensure system security.

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