Legal Clanedar Management

Docketing You Can Count On From a Company You Can Trust

Calendar related errors, relative to court dates and deadlines, are the single most common cause of legal malpractice claims today. JuraLaw delivers reliable up-to-date nationwide court rules, accurate Illinois and New York court data, extensive customer support, comprehensive reports, and numerous search filters for increased productivity, caseload monitoring and business analysis. JuraLaw is completely web-based and hosted by Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud computing platform. Working with JuraLaw means you’re mitigating risk because you’re working with the most technologically advanced calendaring product in the legal industry.

• Advanced Technology

JuraLaw continues to be at the forefront of developing the most progressive

legal calendar management tools. As a cloud-based and completely web-based legal calendaring application, we firmly embrace the innate changes that technology motivates and will continue to work to create the products and services that will enhance law firm productivity as well as facilitate risk management now and into the future.  

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The JuraLaw Difference:

• Nationwide Court Rules

JuraLaw provides federal, state and local court rule sets across the nation as well as appellate, family, probate, judges and agency rules. We know that courts change rules on a regular basis so our rules engine provides real-time updates quickly ensuring that critical dates are met. 

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• Accurate Court Calls

To practice in Illinois and New York, attorneys need court calendar matches in addition to court rules. A court calendar match is the next upcoming court appearance or filing deadline for a case. Once established, court calendar dates can change with the presiding judge’s shifting priorities and our ability to identify and immediately load changes is second to none. 

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