Case Management

Legal Case Management Software

JuraLaw® is attorney case management and legal calendar software that manages the entire lifecycle of the litigation process and the important calendar events involved. JuraLaw® takes legal case management software a step further by merging court calls, court dockets and court rules with the firm's manually-entered cases and calendar events. The result is a completely integrated system that strengthens a firm’s own case monitoring by comparing and confirming its accuracy with the courts’ dockets.

JuraLaw® case management flows easily from screen to screen to streamline work processes. It manages case information in views that make it easy to input and find. Since case, calendar and docket management often involve the receipt of information from several different sources, JuraLaw® provides an extensive open view of input information to prevent duplicate entries from being created. Given that docket managers helped design the JuraLaw® workflow, JuraLaw® easily integrates into law firms’ standard docket processes and procedures.